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Episode 184 - The growth and success of Taki Edwards

When I was at a 2019 seminar in Atlanta I met a piercer named Taki Edwards. She had so many questions and a hunger for information. Flash forward to present day and Taki has stepped up her jewelry and sterilization game and is making great strides in body piercing, we talk about how she got there. Taki shares her story and answers the question "what is scarier, being a nurse during covid or being a piercer trying to learn on the internet?".

Listen for free on apple (, spotify (, and everywhere you get podcasts. You can also stream and download at:

I'll be offering a patreon-exclusive webinar about TAPERS on Sunday June 6 2021. Sign up at for access to the live session or get on-demand access to the recording on the $15/month tier. I'll be covering different styles of taper pins and their functionality. Coupling pins and threads, piercing with one size and stretching up to reduce bleeding, reopening partially closed piercings, reversing direction for jewelry transfers, and more!


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