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181 (VIDEO) - Gauntlet Founder Jim Ward Talks About Early Piercing Needle Development

As a companion piece to my recent NEEDLES webinar I recorded a chat with Gauntlet founder Jim Ward about his experiences developing piercing-specific needles through the 1970's and 1980's. We talk about how Jim took standard medical needles and cut off the hub to allow an easier jewelry transfer. Flash forward 40+ years and we are using piercing needles based on that same early modification. This is a great view of the history and evolution of piercing as we know it today.

Watch the NEEDLES webinar on-demand at on the $15/month arch mage tier. Sign up any time, cancel any time. You'll get instant access to over a dozen hour+ long educational videos with new content coming monthly.

Get your copy of Jim's book, Running the Gauntlet, and other Gauntlet merch at


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