Scarification by Ryan Ouellette


by Ryan Ouellette

Lord of the Blade


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Ryan Ouellette has been performing scarification since 2000 and is recognized as one of the world's top practitioners. He has performed scarification across the world in the United States, Canada, Japan, England, Sweden, Norway, Holland, and Germany. Ryan has also been a part of the industry's top scarification events such as the Scar Wars gatherings in Philadelphia and Los Angeles, the BMXNET conference in Germany where he instructs technique seminars, and the London ScarCon event. In November of 2013 Ryan gave a TED talk entitled "The Intentional Scar: advances in modern scarification" at the Tedx New England College event. 

He specializes in complex technical pieces, fine detail, and area removal designs. All pieces are custom designed based on client input and reference material. 

Ryan has been featured in multiple online and print medias including Hellion fashion magazine, Skin & Ink magazine, Bizarre magazine, the National Geographic website, and BME (body modification e-zine). Most notably Ryan was given the moniker "Lord of the Blade" by BME founder Shannon Larratt. 

Scarification pricing and booking policies:

There is a $250 minimum charge that covers set up, personal protective equipment, and the first hour of work. Each additional hour is billed at $175/hour. Booking an appointment requires a $100 non-refundable deposit. Some additional charges may apply for complex design work. 

Please be aware Ryan Ouellette does not currently offer any facial scarification. Scarification cover-ups, while possible on a technical level, are often quite limited and may not offer a predictable or preferable aesthetic result. Many inquiries related to scar cover ups would be better served by a tattooer with scar or cosmetic tattooing experience. 

Scarification is a specialized service, appointments are required. For more information please email Ryan at​.


Do not apply any ointments or chemical irritants to your piece. Wash with antibacterial or antimicrobial soap. Once washed and dried cover your piece with plastic cling wrap (use a new roll, not the one that’s laying around in your kitchen). Keep your piece covered for the majority of the day and night, but you can leave it unwrapped when showering, cleaning/drying, or to let it air out for short periods of time. You’ll need to unwrap, clean with soap and water, dry, and re-wrap your piece several times a day for the first week. Clean your piece whenever a significant amount of moisture has built up under the plastic wrap, at least 2-4 times daily. If you do not clean your piece regularly it can lead to heat rash and potentially infection. Do not soak or swim in any standing water while your piece is healing and the wound is still open. Do not touch your piece with unwashed hands, or let it come in contact with any debris while the wound is still open.

The Intentional Scar:

advances in modern scarification. 


TED talk by Ryan Ouellette

Radical Beauty: Cutting Skin-Deep With a Scar Artist


by New York Magazine