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Earlobe Piercing for Kids age 6-11

Precision Body Arts is happy to accommodate parents looking to have their children's earlobes pierced in a professional environment. Please be aware that this is a specialty service that requires specific identification documentation and booking through our staff rather than self booking. Please read our policies carefully before submitting a booking request on the form linked below.

We require the same documentation for younger kids as we do for all minors. This includes:

  • Photo identification for the child being pierced AND birth certificate or other bonafide document verifying parental relation or status of legal guardianship.

  • A government issued photo identification for the parent or legal guardian.

  • All documents must be originals, copies or digital documents will not be accepted.

  • Accepted photo identifications include: Passports, State issued non-driver IDs, School IDs / current yearbook or yearbook from one year previous, Military IDs, Police or officially issued minor ID cards. We also accept Smile Safe ID cards.

  • We will not perform any client services without the required identification documents. Please postpone scheduling or requesting an appointment at this time if you do not have all the required documents. 


Please use our >>ONLINE REQUEST FORM <<< to add your info to our waiting list and we will contact you with our availability. 

Ear piercing for younger children (aged 6-11) is a specialty service that requires additional time, as such we prefer to book appointments during off-hours to reduce potential stress to our clients and staff, while ensuring your kids have the full attention they deserve. For children aged 6-10 we have private appointments available on select days as availability allows. To inquire about a private appointment for lobe piercings on young children please email us at: If you feel your child aged 11-13 would be comfortable coming in on a standard service day you can feel free to schedule via our online booking portal. To submit a request for a child aged 6-10 to be pierced during specialty service availability please fill out our ONLINE REQUEST FORM. Please do not self-book for children under 11, as we may have to charge you a cancellation fee. 


On the day of your visit:

We prefer to talk to the client and parents first to be sure the child is comfortable and ready to be pierced. If after the consultation the parent, client, and our staff are all comfortable we can perform the piercings in the same visit. If anyone feels that they need more time, including our staff, the piercing will be put off to a later date. We do this, in part, to encourage and support physical consent and body autonomy. While we understand that this may be inconvenient to some parents we do this to ensure the client does not have a negative or scary experience. 

Once healed we are also happy to offer jewelry change services for a small service fee. Please note that all ID policies listed above must be fulfilled for all services, jewelry changes included. For jewelry changes we only install jewelry purchased from Precision Body Arts. This is to ensure all jewelry meets our safety standards and can be properly sterilized. 

Since we may not have additional staff present on our specialty service days we can accommodate one child and one parent per booking only.

About our piercing services. 

  • All piercings performed at Precision Body Arts are done with individual use, sterilized piercing needles. Piercing guns are never used by Precision Body Arts, as they can cause increased tissue trauma and can not be properly sterilized.

  • Our standard jewelry used for earlobe piercings is made from ASTM F-136 implant certified titanium to avoid material allergies and sensitivities. We have a wide assortment of colors, gems, and styles for clients to choose from. We also have an assortment of 14k and 18k solid gold jewelry available for both new and healed piercings.

  • Our full aftercare information can be read HERE. Our suggested aftercare product is Wound Wash Saline which is available here at PBA as well as most pharmacies. We do not suggest chemical cleaners for piercing aftercare (this includes mall "ear care" solution). 

  • We do not pierce both earlobes simultaneously as this can place the client or staff at risk if the client moves abruptly. Each piercing is done individually in the same visit. 

  • Typical healing time for an earlobe piercing is 4 months, jewelry should not be removed or changed during this time. 

  • Swimming and standing water should be avoided for the first 4-6 weeks of healing. Showering is not an issue, but we suggest no bathing in a tub during the the first month. During healing make sure the client has completely dry ears front and back before going to bed, as well as completely dry hair when sleeping. We find that excessive moisture behind the ear or excessive cleaning accounts for the majority of troubleshooting issues during healing. 

  • Costs vary based on the jewelry you select. Typical costs including service fees and jewelry are $80-120 per piercing, we have a wide selection of options that will determine the final price. All appointments include time to browse and select jewelry options with a staff member. 

  • Typical visit time including consultation, jewelry selection, paperwork, and piercing is 30-45 minutes. 

  • Currently earlobe piercings for minors aged 6-8 are performed by PBA's owner, Ryan Ouellette. Earlobes for minors aged 9 and older are performed by either Ryan or studio manager / piercer Evan Quinno. 

  • For children aged 8+ we hold a $40 deposit (the service fee for one earlobe piercing) for children aged 6 - 8 we hold an $80 deposit (the service fees for two earlobe piercings). Deposits are subtracted from your total on the day of your visit. Please be aware that deposits are non-refundable so we ask that parents please verify that they have the required photo identification for their child and are sure their child is ready for ear piercing. 


We choose to not offer earlobe piercing below the age of 6 years. If you are interested in a professional piercing for children aged 5 or younger please contact the Piercing Emporium in Worcester, MA.

If you have any additional questions feel free to call us at 603-889-5788 or email us at


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