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Below you'll find aftercare information for piercing, tattooing, and scarification in shortened text form. For expanded information please download the complete PDF version of our aftercare forms. If you have any further questions or need troubleshooting assistance please stop by, or call us at the studio. 



  • Remove Bandage after a few hours. Wash with warm water and mild soap, pat dry. 

  • Apply a very thin layer of Cocoa Butter, Tat2 Butter, or mild   ointment (Aquaphor, Bag Balm, A+D) as needed for 2-4 days. After 2-4 days use a moisturizing lotion until fully healed. 

  • Do not scratch or pick at your healing tattoo. 

  • Avoid swimming or soaking until tattoo is fully healed.

  • Use sunblock regularly to keep your tattoo bright.



Do not apply any ointments or chemical irritants to your piece. Wash with antibacterial or antimicrobial soap. Once washed and dried cover your piece with plastic cling wrap (use a new roll, not the one that’s laying around in your kitchen). Keep your piece covered for the majority of the day and night, but you can leave it unwrapped when showering, cleaning/drying, or to let it air out for short periods of time. You’ll need to unwrap, clean with soap and water, dry, and re-wrap your piece several times a day for the first week. Clean your piece whenever a significant amount of moisture has built up under the plastic wrap, at least 2-4 times daily. If you do not clean your piece regularly it can lead to heat rash and potentially infection. Do not soak or swim in any standing water while your piece is healing and the wound is still open. Do not touch your piece with unwashed hands, or let it come in contact with any debris while the wound is still open.



​Ready-to-use products like Wound Wash Sterile Saline is very easy to use and free of damaging chemicals. Precision carries sterile wound wash saline from NeilMed for $10. Wound wash saline is also readily available at most pharmacies. 

Use your cleaning product as a soak, as a spray, or on a cotton swab (q-tip) 3-4 times a day for one month to gently clean the piercing site. You do not need to move your jewelry or force off dried build-up. Let the site air dry. If you notice your skin getting too dry using your cleaning product less frequently or rinse the site with clean water after use. 

When showering simply rinse your piercing under warm running water, do not use any soaps directly on your piercing. Rinsing a piercing thoroughly at the end of every shower will wash away dried discharge from your piercing along with chemicals, and will aid in easier healing.

With modern body piercing techniques and high quality body jewelry minimal aftercare will usually get you the best results. Avoid things like putting chemicals on your piercing, touching or picking at your piercing or jewelry during the healing process.

You may experience a small amount of redness, soreness, discharge, or swelling during the healing process. In small amounts this is normal. If you are having persistent or excessive problems, or if you notice bumps forming on your piercing consult your piercer for troubleshooting help. Proper aftercare and cleaning is the best way to avoid problems before they start.

Most oral piercings will require shorter length jewelry once healed. After the initial swelling has subsided the jewelry should be changed to a shorter post to avoid scarring and catching, and ensure a comfortable fit. Cartilage piercing posts should be shortened  once initial swelling is done to avoid the piercing migrating to an angle and scarring. 


Sea salt solution (1/4 teaspoon pure sea salt in 8 ounces of distilled or purified water) is a simple and effective aftercare product. Take care to properly measure your amounts and mix correctly. When home made solution is too strong it may actually over dry and damage your piercing rather than helping to heal. Rinse site with clean water after using a home made solution. We strongly prefer sterile wound wash saline over home made solution. Do not use saline made for contact lense care on a body piercing.


For stretching information click HERE


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