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Body Jewelry

We proudly carry the world's top brands: 

  • Anatometal

  • Body Vision Los Angeles

  • Neometal

  • Junipurr

  • Industrial Strength

  • Intrinsic Body

  • LeRoi

  • Body Gems

Initial Jewelry

Most studios give you a small selection of plain jewelry to choose from when getting a new piercing. Here at Precision Body Arts we place an emphasis on starting with the unique options you want, rather than waiting until after the piercing is healed. We have an impressive selection of gold, gems, colors, and alternate styles to start with. All jewelry used for initial piercing at Precision Body Arts is either F-136 implant certified titanium or other high quality materials such as Niobium, Glass, solid 14k & 18k Gold, or implant certified Steel. We do not use any cheap "surgical" steel, plastic, or externally threaded jewelry. All jewelry installed at Precision Body Arts meets or exceeds standards set forth by the Association of Professional Piercers.

Want something totally unique? Stop by for a consultation and let our piercers create a custom placement and jewelry combo to make your piercing one of a kind. 

We carry an extensive selection of high quality jewelry from the some of the industry's leading manufacturers.

Body Vision Los Angeles



Visit some of our favorite jewelers online

Industrial Strength

for custom orders please stop by the studio and discuss your options with a piercer

or email Ryan at: We accept paypal and offer shipping worldwide. 

Jewelry for
Healed Piercings

Looking for something new to make you fall in love with you piercing all over again? We carry an impressive selection of artisan jewelry.

  • Body Vision Los Angeles, the industry leader in gold body jewelry, is available here at PBA. 

  • Eye catching septum jewelry; gold, clickers, customized gem options. 

  • We stock hand made glass jewelry from Gorilla Glass and Glasswear Studios, perfect for stretching. We also carry stone jewelry from Oracle. 

What is Anodizing?

Anodizing is an electro-chemical process which creates an inert colored layer on titanium or niobium jewelry without the use of harmful dyes or coatings. Anodizing will not chip or flake off, though color may fade over time from wear. Anodizing is safe for use in both new and healed piercings. 

Scroll through our slideshow for more info

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