July 6th: NH has updated protocols and will now allow piercing and jewelry changes on the nose. We are happy to offer nostril and septum services again, as well as other piercing services via our new ONLINE BOOKING PORTAL FOR PIERCING. You can now browse availability and schedule your own appointments. For questions feel free to call the shop or email us at: pba.3elm@gmail.com. Please note: we are not offering piercing or jewelry services on the mouth at this time. 

Please do not request or schedule an appointment at this time if you, or any member of your household, meet any of the following criteria: ​

  • Flu-like symptoms including but not limited to: fever, fatigue, dry cough, difficulty breathing.

  • Have been diagnosed with, or tested positive for, COVID-19 within the past 30 days.

  • Have been knowingly exposed to anyone who has been diagnosed with, or tested positive for, COVID-19 within the past 30 days.

  • Have traveled outside of the United States, or to any known "Hot Spot" of COVID-19 infections in the past 14 days.

New Hampshire reopening protocols for body art require all client services to be by appointment only. For a full list of State guidelines please click here or visit our COVID-19 info page. Please keep the following guidelines in mind if you are booking a service. 

  • All clients are required to wear a facial covering to enter and remain in the studio. Please arrive with a face mask if possible, if not we will provide one for you. 

  • No guests will be allowed (with the exception of one parent accompanying a minor for a body piercing service). 

  • Tattoo, piercing, and jewelry consultations will be done via online video conferencing whenever possible. 


In addition to these requirements from the State please be aware of our existing studio policies which can be found on our FAQ page.

  • Photo ID is required for all clients. For a minor to be pierced photo ID will be required for the client as well as the accompanying parent or legal guardian, along with proof of relation. 

  • Most tattoos require a consultation to begin the process. Please request or schedule a tattoo consultation for any new drawing or designing work. 

  • Deposits are required to hold time for many of our services including tattooing sessions. Deposit will be subtracted from the total of work performed. 


 Tattoo appointments for Nick Kelley are currently at maximum capacity, please sign up to our tattoo wait list and you will be contacted as space becomes available. 


Tattoo requests for Samantha Kelly (junior tattooer) can be submitted via our wait list.