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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is where you'll find the answers for our most common questions. If you don't find what you're looking for here please contact us for more information. 

​Q: Do you take walk ins, or are you appointment-only?

A: As of spring 2024: Appointments are still preferred and will take priority, but we have also started incorporating walk-in services back in to our day on a limited basis as time allows. Booking an appointment guarantees you time with our staff members for whatever services you need, if you would like to check on our walk in availability for the day please call us at 603-889-5788. You can book an appointment through our website here

Q: What is your ID policy for adults?

A: All clients are required have a State Issued Photo ID (driver's license/permit, non-driver ID, passport, military ID, etc). We can also accept a hard plastic or laminated school ID coupled with an original birth certificate.

​Q: What is your ID policy for piercing minors?

A: Documentation Required for Minors (all forms of identification must be original hard copies. We can not accept photocopies or digital copies.)

  • Current State issued photo ID for minor (school ID, drivers license/permit, passport, non driver ID card, passport, military ID). We will not pierce a minor without a photo ID, even with parent present, even with birth certificate. 

  • State issued photo ID for parent or legal guardian (guardian must be present)

  • State issued or other bonafide form verifying legal guardianship (birth certificate, court or state issued guardianship papers)

Note: Jewelry changes for a minor require the same IDs as piercing services. 

​Q: What piercings will you perform on minors?

A: Piercings available to Minors: (with above listed documentation)


  • 6 - 12 years: earlobes only

  • 13: earlobes, basic cartilage (single helix piercing) only

  • 14/15: previous listed, plus navel, nostril, eyebrow. Basic cartilage including tragus, industrial. 

  • 16/17: previous listed, plus  septum. Cartilage including conch, rook, daith.

  • 18+ for all others not listed.


Q: Do you pierce children's earlobes?


A: We offer earlobe piercing for children aged six years and older. We consider this a specialty service, as such we have additional requirements. Please visit our info page for young minor piercing for our policies. 

​Q: What piercings and procedures are NOT available to minors?

A: Precision Body Arts does not perform complex body piercing on minors, this includes surface piercings, microdermals, complex ear cartilage piercings, large gauge piercing or stretching, and piercings of an adult or intimate nature. New Hampshire State law forbids tattooing of minors even with parental permission.

Q:Where are you located?

A: We are located in a two story building at 3 Elm Street in downtown Nashua, New Hampshire. 


Q: Do you have parking?

A: Yes, we have ample street parking on both Elm Street in front of the shop as well as West Pearl Street just around the corner. We are also located across the street from the Elm Street parking garage. Street parking is metered until 7pm. Parking in the Elm Street garage is free after 7pm on weekdays, and free all weekend. The fenced lot next to Precision is a private lot for residential tenants in the building next door, customer parking is not permitted here and unauthorized cars will be towed at the owners expense. 


​Q: Do you have an online store?

A: Yes, we have an online store at We sell gift certificates, t-shirts, hoodies, and more online. For online body jewelry sales please email us at:


​Q: Do you offer cosmetic tattooing or permanent make-up?​

A: No, we do not. In the State of New Hampshire cosmetic tattooing is an entirely separate license and service from traditional artistic tattooing. For those looking for these services we suggest you contact Juli Moon cosmetic tattooing in Lynn, Massachusetts (  

​Q: How do I get an appointment for a tattoo?​

A: We have phased out tattoo services during the 2020 - 2021 pandeminc. We are currently offering piercing services and body jewelry sales only. 


Q: Do I need an appointment for a Piercing?


A: Yes, all services will be by appointment only going forward. You can browse available times and schedule an appoint via our online booking portal. For earlobe piercings for children under 10 years of age please follow the steps for a private appointment as outlined on our children's lobe info page.


We are currently accepting appointments up to three weeks in advance. 

​Q: How much do you charge for Piercings?

A: Many of our piercings will start in the $80-120 range with popular jewelry options. Our  jewelry for initial piercing is high quality implant certified F-136 implant certified Titanium, F-138 implant certified Steel, 14k or 18k solid Gold, inert Glass, or Niobium and is either internally threaded or threadless. All of our initial jewelry carri
es a manufacturer's warranty against defects, and meets Association of Professional Piercers standards. If you are comparing prices with another shop their basic jewelry may be cheaper "surgical or stainless" steel, externally threaded jewelry with plastic components or adhesives. Cheap jewelry is the most common cause of allergic reactions and problems with healing. We do not compromise on jewelry quality in order to offer a cheaper piercing. For more information on our body jewelry please visit our jewelry info page or contact one of our piercers. We offer hundreds of options for new or healed piercings. For most piercings we charge a piercing service fee, plus the cost of jewelry. 


Piercing Fee for most piercings will range between $35-50 based on complexity and the materials used. Body jewelry costs are not included in the piercing service fee. Some complex and specialty services may have a slightly higher service fee.


Other Piercing Service Fees


  • Stretching - $10 service fee + cost of jewelry

  • Surface Anchor removal - $20

  • Jewelry Installation / Removal- Service fee of $5-$20 based on complexity and materials needed.


Q: How much does your body jewelry cost?


A: We have a wide assortment of jewelry options available. With hundreds of options available it is impossible to list prices for all of our choices. To discuss jewelry options and prices, including custom ordering, feel free to stop by and talk to a staff member or email one of our piercers. Our basic titanium jewelry options typically start in the $35-50 range, gold prices will vary based on the exact piece but start in the $50+ range. We also have more elaborate options for clients wanting a unique look, prices vary based on size, style, and material. Alternate jewelry prices range greatly, but we have jewelry options to fit most budgets both big and small. 


​Q: What kind of jewelry do you carry and/or pierce with?

A: PBA is proud to carry some of the finest body jewelry available. We carry an extensive selection of threadless titanium jewelry from Neometal, offering over 200 endpiece options. Precision Body Arts also carries an extensive selection of internally threaded jewelry from Anatometal, Industrial Strength, LeRoi, and Intrinsic. We carry one of the best 14k and 18k gold body jewelery selections in New England with beautiful pieces from Body Vision Los Angeles (BVLA), Body Gems, LeRoi, and Anatometal. We also stock numerous options for healed and stretched earlobes such as glass from Gorilla Glass and Glasswear Studios, stone plugs from Diablo Organics and Oracle, and titanium gemmed eyelets from Anatometal. Precision Body Arts only installs internally threaded or threadless jewelry options. For more information on our jewelry please visit our body jewelry gallery page.

​Q: Can I bring in my own jewelry to be pierced with?

A: No. We only pierce with brand new jewelry which has been ordered, handled, inspected, and sterilized by our own staff. We do not pierce with outside jewelry to avoid complications which commonly stem from poor quality jewelry and used jewelry. To avoid any complications which may arise from reusing previously worn jewelry we only perform new piercings with new jewelry. 


Q: Can you change my jewelry for me?


A: Yes, we are happy to offer jewelry changes and installation for jewelry purchased through our studio.  We offer low cost insertion and stretching services for existing piercings. For more information about stretching please read our stretching info page. Precision Body Arts only handles and installs jewelry sold at, or ordered by, our studio. We do not install jewelry purchased outside our studio. 


Q: Do you sell Gift Certificates?

A: Yes we do. Precision Body Arts gift certificates are available in any amount and are good towards any purchase in the shop. Gift certificates are treated same as cash, as such lost or stolen gift certificates will not be replaced. Gift certificates may not be returned for a refund. Any unused balance on a gift certificate will be re-issued as another gift certificate. Gift certificates are available on our web shop at and can be shipped or picked up at the studio. 

​Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: Precision Body Arts accepts Cash, all Credit Cards (via Square), contactless payments (apple pay, etc), and Precision Body Arts gift certificates. We do not accept personal checks of any kind.

We do not accept credit card payments over the phone. Cardholder must be present for transaction, ID may be required to verify cardholder. We can not accept payment if you are not the cardholder, regardless of your relation to the cardholder. 


For customers wishing to purchase body jewelry or other items online we accept Paypal and Square transactions and offer shipping anywhere in the world. Email us at: for online sales. 

​Q: What types of sterilizers do you use and how do you monitor them?

A: Precision Body Arts uses a Tuttnauer 2340M steam autoclave for all bulk sterilization, this unit is used for all bulk packaged ites such as piercing pre-packs, tools, and instruments. PBA also uses a Statim G4 2000 cassette autoclave in the piercing room for all non-packaged items such as jewelry from our display case. Both of our sterilizers are spore tested WEEKLY with mail away test packs from North Bay BioScience. We will gladly show you all of our test results for the last seven years on request. We have never failed a sterilizer test.

​Q: How do you sterilize your needles and equipment?

A: For body piercing, all needles and jewelry arrive brand new from our suppliers and are sterilized on-demand in our Statim G4 unit. Piercing instruments are sterilized in a multi-step process which includes the use of enzymatic processing solution and an ultrasonic debriding unit. Once cleaned; the instruments are packaged and sterilized in our Tuttnauer 2340M autoclave, then stored in a closed container until used.


Tattoo supplies are fully disposable. Tattoo needles, tubes, and grips are purchased brand new and pre-sterilized via ethylene oxide gas. All sterilized needles, grips, and tubes  are opened in front of the client, and then disposed of at the end of the procedure. Precision Body Arts will provide documentation of autoclave testing and/or off-site sterilization of pre-packaged sterile supplies on request. 


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