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Body Art Education by Ryan Ouellette




New Seminar dates and cities available for 2020. Course descriptions below. 


All classes are open to professional piercers of all skill levels. Apprentices may attend, but for any technique classes they must attend with a mentor. 

Pre-registration will be required to verify professional status. Please email ryanpba@gmail.com with the subject "seminar" including the city you are registering for and include:

  • your full name (and what name you want on your certificate if it varies)

  • your phone number and mailing address

  • the studio you are currently working in

  • a copy, scan, or photo of your piercing license, piercing business card, screenshot of a website listing you as a piercer, or APP member certificate / link to listing on the APP website.

Once we have that we will send you an electronic invoice you can pay online. 

New for 2020, Advanced Application of Bevel Theory

The Understanding and Applying Freehand Piercing Techniques has been a great success, but many attendees are now asking for the next level of education. Advanced Application of Bevel Theory is just that. We will explore useful skills for today's progressive body piercer. Wound shaping techniques for successful surface piercing, tissue separation concepts to reduce trauma, piercing needle modification and reshaping (crushing), recovering a lost transfer or partially closed piercing with an insertion taper, and when viable *LIVE PIERCING performed by the instructor to illustrate these topics. 

Some aspects of this new class are still in development. As with all of the classes from Body Art Education by Ryan Ouellette class content will evolve from attendee feedback. 

Registration will again be open to professional piercers of all skill levels. Apprentices may only attend if accompanied by their mentor.

*Live piercing will only be available when held in a piercing studio that meets or exceeds APP membership criteria. For safety reasons no live piercing be be offered in alternative venues. 

Understanding and Applying Freehand Piercing Techniques. 


Join APP member and instructor Ryan Ouellette for this full day seminar. We will explore the fundamentals of freehand piercing techniques from theory to execution. Bevel theory, marking and placement, wound shaping, jewelry transfers, and more. This class will cover several piercing varieties including, navel, nipple (including inverted nipples), surface piercings, lips, nostrils, ear cartilage, and more. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions to provide a personalized learning experience. OPEN TO PROFESSIONAL PIERCERS OF ALL SKILL LEVELS. Apprentices may attend, but must be accompanied by their verified mentor.

  1. Piercing Needle Bevel Theory slideshow presentation: this section will explain the physics of how a piercing needle makes a hole, and how best to control it. We also cover different needle bending theories and other needle topics. 

  2. Video Presentation: featuring over a dozen videos recorded and edited to give you the best perspective of the techniques explored in the class. 

  3. Hands on demonstration and practice: attendees will be shown live needle dynamic techniques and then have the opportunity to practice on inanimate objects. The instructor can then help dial in the techniques we cover.

The Understanding and Applying Freehand Piercing Techniques seminar has taken place in Atlanta, Dallas, Orlando, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Nashville, San Francisco, Vancouver, Washington, Hollywood, London, UK, and Ontario, Canada with great success. Join us for a seminar near you!

Other classes currently available


Ethical Upselling: sell smarter not harder.

A comprehensive discussion about how to present and sell fine body jewelry in the modern market. For piercers transitioning away from lower end jewelry options expansion and sales can be an intimidating task. Learn how to select new lines and options for quick turn around and reinvestment. Grow your client base through applied product knowledge and presentation. For piercers trying to increase sales of high end items it can be frustrating encountering price shoppers, sticker shock, and lower price point competition. We will discuss ways to change the conversation to focus on jewelry options and quality while respecting the budget of the client. Guiding your clients to a better choice rather than pressuring them into a sale has helped grow some of the industry's top studios. Learn the skills to succeed and grow your business.

Piercing Marking Workshop.

Just like most aspects of piercing, there is more than one correct way to mark a piercing. We will explore several options including surgical skin markers, tooth + gentian violet, needle blank marking, and more. We will also cover how to mark advanced placements such as paired nostrils, inverted nipples, surface piercings, ear projects, and much more. This will be an expanded version of the class offered at BMXNET.


The Daith Piercing: expand your knowledge.

Piercing or miracle cure? We will discuss the origins or the "daith" name, anatomy and placement, appropriate jewelry options, common issues, piercing techniques, and more.

Multiple other classes are available. If you are interested in alternate classes, or in hosting a class at your shop email ryanpba@gmail.com. 

Ryan Ouellette has been instructing classes for the world's leading body art conferences for a decade.

  • The Association of Professional Piercers (APP) annual conference in Las Vegas

  • The Body Modification Exchange Network (BMXNET) conference in Germany

  • The United Kingdom Association of Professional Piercers (UKAPP) conference in England

  • The Latin Body Piercers (LBP) conference in Mexico

  • The Boston Tattoo Convention

  • The Piercing Studio Group (GEP) conference in Brazil

  • The RuAPP (Russian Association of Professional Piercers) conference in Russia. 

He has instructed classes on a variety of body art subjects including body piercing, scarification, sterilization, and jewelry sales. As this new venture grows we plan to offer a variety of class structures and subjects to help grow our industry. 

  • Shadowing opportunities at the Precision Body Arts facility.

  • Introductory seminars at tattoo conventions and industry events.

  • Expanded seminars at private facilities and body art studios.

  • One on one mentoring at your studio or ours.

  • Consultant services for studio layout, work flow, and safety practices

Email: ryanpba@gmail.com for inquiries.