133 - Cale interviews Ryan

There's a new Wizard in town. Cale DiFrancesco (Belford) takes over this week to show @[621860128:2048:Ryan] who's the boss. First the board position and now this! Hear answers to all the burning questions you never wanted to ask.

Listen for free on apple podcasts, spotify, and all major podcast platforms. You can also stream and download at: https://pinecast.com/listen/6de4887f-4eb9-400f-b8e1-65b08f8f3fb6.mp3

Give the show a 5 star rating and review on itunes. Like and follow the show at: https://www.facebook.com/piercingwizardpodcast/. Support the show at: www.patreon.com/ryanpba. Follow: miss_cale on instagram or visit: www.oleanderpiercing.com/ for more info about your host this week.

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