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169 - Ask Us Anything with Ryan & Lola part 2

Part 2 of a 2 part series with Lola Slider. We are back with more questions submitted by you, the listener, on another variety of topics. We cover; our opinions on sterile gloves, the importance of mentoring, body mods vs piercing, where we see the industry going in the near future, predicting and preventing predatory behavior from clients, stretching more than just lobes, and what piercings we find to be the most fun. I'll be taking a short break from new episodes so please enjoy some of my older episodes you may have missed.

Listen for free on all major podcast platforms, or stream and download at:

Like and follow the show at: and: Support the show at for access to prerecorded webinars on a variety of subjects. Follow my education page at: for updates on future classes.

Thanks for listening :)


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