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187 - Ask Us Anything part 4: Septums & Spectators

Episode 187 - Ryan and Lola are back with another Ask Us Anything episode, this time we discuss septums and spectators. With covid restrictions easing some piercers are doing their first septum piercings in over a year. That can make a tricky piercing even more stressful. We discuss how we are getting our groove back with septums, and some tips and tricks for piercers using septum clamps. We also answer the question "do you allow spectators in the piercing room" and the reasoning behind our answers. Stay tuned for the continuation of this chat in mid July 2021 where we discuss even more subjects!

Listen to the audio version for free on apple (, spotify (, or wherever you get podcasts. You can also stream and download at:

This episode is also available in video format at along with the new TAPERS webinar now! In mid July 2021 I will also be publishing a new presentation all about DRAPING for supporters at patreon. And don't forget you can sign up for my August 8th 2021 BEVEL THEORY webinar + workshop at:


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