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162 - Feeling some piercer normalcy with Rogan Eric Watral

Honestly, I kind of forgot what it felt like to just be a normal piercer and not have to spend my days focusing on a global pandemic. I am so glad I had this interview from February 2020 with piercer Rogan Eric Watral to share. Rogan talked about all kinds of piercer gold; how to mark for paired nostrils, teamwork dynamics to manage a busy day in the shop, and practical aftercare advice for traveling clients. Enjoy the show, and enjoy some normalcy.

Listen for free on all major podcast platforms or stream and download at:

If you are a professional piercer you can sign up for the June 14 2020 seminar I mention on the show with this form: Like and follow the show at: and: Support the show at for access to webinars including part 2 of my scarification lecture, just added!

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