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130 - The case of Dr. Evil

A body modification practitioner performs work on a consenting adult, that work heals without complication, and the client never makes a complaint. Then that practitioner is arrested and charged for causing "grievous bodily harm". Due to legal precedent the consent of the client is irrelevant and can not be used as a defense. The practitioner is convicted, is refused appeal, and is sentenced to a prison term. This is the case against Brendan "Dr. Evil" McCarthy of the UK. I have Dr. Matt Lodder​ and piercer Nicholas Pinch​ on to discuss the issue from both an academic perspective, and a personal one.

Listen for free on apple podcasts, spotify, stitcher, tunein radio, google play, and all major podcast platforms. You can also stream and download at:

If you would like to write to Mac, correspondence can be sent to Ian Human and Pinchy via: Hold Fast Body Arts 58a The Avenue Minehead Somerset TA24 5BB Due to the sensitive nature of the issue please do not list "Brendan McCarthy" or "Dr. Evil" on the envelope. They will forward it along to Mac.

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