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Brianna Sheehan 2 part interview!

Episode 44 with Brianna Sheehan of Mint Piercing Studio, Iowa. Last week we talked to Leo Ziebol, owner of Mint. This week we talk to his secret weapon, Brianna Sheehan, formerly of St. Sabrina's. She talks about her strategy when it comes to designing and ordering jewelry, and how inventory management can equal success. This is part one of our conversation. Stay tuned for our next talk where we discuss how to run multiple studios, and the challenges of finding and training quality counter staff.

& Episode 45, a second conversation with Brianna Sheehan of Mint Piercing Studio in Iowa. This time we get into the hard work behind the scenes in a successful studio. Team communication and inventory management, and how apps and systems can make it much easier. Training piercers and counter staff. Is it better to start from scratch, or retrain someone with existing experience? And of course, jewelry. We talk a lot about how we learn from our vendors and how to apply those lessons.

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