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About Precision Body Arts

The Shop

Precision Body Arts LLC started in 2000 in an 800 sq ft studio on West Pearl Street in Nashua, New Hampshire. Owner Ryan Ouellette opened the original shop with piercing services only and soon added Kevin McKeating to the staff for tattoo services. Over the next five years PBA added tattoo artist Nick Kelley and quickly outgrew their original location. In 2005 Precision moved across the street to a 1,300 sq ft studio and eventually added  New Hampshire artist Dave Husselbee. Precision thrived for several years with the additions of body piercers Aaron Foster and Evan Quinno. 


In 2013 Precision renovated their front lobby to expand body jewelry and customer seating, but we soon realized that they needed to expand much more. In 2014 PBA found an excellent opportunity in a vacant 3,000 sq ft building just around the corner from their existing location, on Elm Street in Nashua. Over the next year Ryan worked with the City of Nashua and some excellent contractors to create an entirely new experience for body art in the State of New Hampshire. Opened in March of 2015 the new Precision Body Arts is split between it's two floors. Ground level features two work rooms in a calm salon style atmosphere; one being a dedicated piercing-only room, and the other being a flexible work room for piercing, scarification, as well as a handicap accessible space for tattoo clients. The first floor also features our reception and waiting areas, our extensive body jewelry selection, our handicap accesible rest room, and our state of the art sterilization room which features glass doors so clients can view the efforts we put into cleanliness in the studio. Our second floor is a more traditional tattoo shop feel with lots of art on the walls and more energetic music. Featuring four private tattoo rooms as well as one open room with picture windows, a great space for long tattoo sessions on a nice day. 


For the new studio we promoted counter staff member Evan Quinno to fill the piercing apprentice position now that Aaron Foster has been promoted to full time body piercer. 


View the shop tour page for some early photos of our new 3 Elm Street Nashua location. More information, photos, and videos coming soon. 


Our award winning tattoo staff includes Nick "The Barbarian" Kelley, Richie Van, and Kevin McKeating. Our staff is highly versatile, offering a wide range of styles. Each artist has a preference and personal style. Please visit the artist gallery pages from the navigation bar above to view examples of their tattooing and art. Once you have selected your preferred artist feel free to call the studio to schedule a consultation or email the artist directly. Your artsit will sit down with you and discuss your new custom tattoo idea. We offer portraits, cover-ups, large project pieces, and much more. All of our tattoos are custom designed, no flash racks full of the same designs every other shop offers. 


Precision Body Arts uses fully disposable tattoo needles as well as disposable tattoo tubes and grips. You will see your equipment opened in front of you and then disposed of at the end of the tattoo. Disposable tubes and grips help to cut down on cross contamination by not having to re-sterilize them. This also helps to prevent the risk of infection and makes for a cleaner working environment for our staff and clients. 


Our piercing staff is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced in New England. Owner Ryan Ouellette is an accomplished body piercer with over 18 years professional experience. Ryan is the first and (as of June 2015) only member of the Association of Professional Piercers operating in the State of New Hampshire. Ryan has over 50 individual certifications for classes, seminars, and courses completed related to health and safety in body art, they are on display in our lobby and piercing work areas for anyone interested. In addition to attending continuing education, Ryan also instructs classes frequently. Ryan is a course creator and instructor for the APP and has taught classes on sterilization and aseptic technique at their annual conference every year since 2010. Ryan also teaches seminars for the Boston Tattoo Convention, the BMXNET conference in Germany, the UK APP organization in England, and the Latin Body Piercers (LBP) conference in Mexico. Ryan is also an instructor for the Canadian based Progressive Mentorship organization.


Owner Ryan Ouellette offers many options not available from other piercers including advanced skill body piercings such as triangles, inverted nipple correction, and more. Ryan also has a keen eye for unique piercing placements and a flare for selecting the perfect jewelry to compliment any new or healed piercing. 


Precision Body Arts also features other talented piercers from the New England area. Aaron Foster moved to Precision from the Boston area. Aaron completed a two year piercing apprenticeship under Ryan's supervision, he nows works full time as a professional piercer both at PBA and at Pino Bros in Cambridge, MA. Precision Body Arts also recently trained Evan Quinno as a piercing apprentice and looks forward to seeing him develop his skill under Ryan's supervision over the coming years. 


Precision Body Arts is available for troubleshooting help with any body piercing, regardless of where it was performed. Our staff is well versed in body jewelry material and design, aftercare products and methods, and how to resolve many of the problems than can arise when piercings become irritated. 

Body Jewelry

Our body jewelry selection is unrivaled in quality, featuring internally threaded and threadless implant certified material pieces from the most respected companies in the industry. We can assemble, color anodize, sterilize, and install an impressive array of unique options for your piercing. Our gold jewelry selection is one of the best in New England featuring 14k and 18k options hand crafted by top jewelers. We also offer many custom jewelry pieces designed by our own piercers that you won't find anywhere else. All body jewelry used in a new piercing meets or exceeds APP standards and comes with a lifetime guarantee against defects. 


PBA loves body jewelry. We take it, and your safety, seriously. Precision Body Arts does not sell or install any cheap materials or externally threaded jewelry. 

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