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125 - Nici Holmes interviews Jim Ward

This week is a special episode with guest host Nici Holmes (UKAPP President) interviewing Jim Ward. Jim is the founder of the world's first body piercing studio, The Gauntlet, as well as the founder of the Association of Professional Piercers. They are joined by Badur Ramji of Punk Medics to discuss our industry's beginning as well as the evolution of the piercing needles and body jewelry we still use today. Enjoy this special piece of our history.

Listen for free on itunes, spotify, and all major podcast platforms. You can also stream and download at:

If you would like to learn more I would urge any body piercer or piercing fan to pick up a copy of Jim's book "Running the Gauntlet" on Amazon or at: You can also find out more about the United Kingdom's Association of Professional Piercers and their annual conference at: And you can check out some fantastic aftercare products for tattooing and piercing at:

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