For a complete list of body art reopening protocols please read the State's guidelines, but here are some highlights: 

  • All clients are required to wear face masks to enter and remain in the building. Please arrive with a face mask if possible, if you do not have one we will provide a disposable mask for you. 

  • Staff will wear face masks for all clients interactions, along with face shields for client services.

  • All client services are by appointment only, no walk ins will be accepted. This includes tattooing, piercing, and jewelry sales. Visit our booking page for more.

  • Clients are asked to call from outside the studio when they arrive, we will let you know when we are ready to receive you. 

  • Clients will not be permitted to bring any additional guests for their visit. 

  • Consultations will be offered via scheduled video conferencing. 

  • Payments will be completed electronically wherever possible, cash is discouraged. 

  • Piercing and Jewelry change services on the nose are now being accepted. At this time we are not offering and piercings or jewelry change services on the mouth. 


Please do not request or schedule an appointment at this time if you, or any member of your household, meet any of the following criteria: ​

  • Flu-like symptoms including but not limited to: fever, fatigue, dry cough, difficulty breathing.

  • Have been diagnosed with, or tested positive for, COVID-19 within the past 30 days.

  • Have been knowingly exposed to anyone who has been diagnosed with, or tested positive for, COVID-19 within the past 30 days.

  • Have traveled outside of the United States, or to any known "Hot Spot" of COVID-19 infections in the past 14 days.

We will post updates on booking availability as it develops. Clients who had scheduled appointments before the closure will be contacted and offered booking priority. 


Due to the constantly evolving situation it is very likely that a second wave of infections will lead to another temporary closure. If at any time we feel our staff or clients are at risk we will have no choice but to suspend services. 

We appreciate your understanding in this difficult time. 

-Ryan Ouellette and the staff of PBA

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